LaToya Silver, NC Realtor®

Silver, a Native of the beautiful state of North Carolina. A Veteran of the United States Air Force. A young thriving Real Estate Agent who uses “Creative Solutions” to serve the needs of every client. She is an exceedingly ambitious Agent, who’s love and passion for Real Estate aids as the foundation to always providing excellence.

What many people thought would be the worst decision ever; and after nearly a year left to completing her Doctorate Degree; Silver decided to step away from school to rediscover the person she was truly meant to be. Silver became a REALTOR®. It was not until an unfortunate moment when the inspiring agent was homebound due to a couple surgeries is truly the moment of realization. A little voice whispered, “you can either make excuses while you are down, or you can make something happen.” That was the pivotal point in her life when she truly understood her passion was her gift to serve others all along.

Silver’s is no stranger to Servant Leadership. Serving years in the United States Air Force and coaching the youth also allowed her to truly recognize what it really meant to place the needs of others before her own. Silver’s sincerest passion to help others is unmistakably a gift that is shown throughout the work she performs every day. 

If you or someone you may know is looking for an agent to help with buying or selling a home, or simply wants to know what the market is doing, or maybe just to stop in to say hello; contact Silver, you’ll be glad you did! She’s the one with the huge SMILE!!!

Rest assured you will be in great hands!